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MK Barber Shop was first established in 2016 in Al Wasl Street Alwasl, Dubai, UAE, and after some very long days, short nights, hard work and with a unique team of professional barbers and stylists ready to cater to your every need, we get our customers TRUST.

Our hard-working employees who on a daily basis generate hours of laughter, as well as a high quality haircuts, styles, beard and shaves that are sure to leave the customers with smiles on their faces.


Hair and Beard Cutting Expert

MK Barber Shop offers a broad range of professional grooming services designed for the modern gentleman. We have the best-trained barbers from the US and Europe, who are also knowledgeable about Arabic Styling, at our shop to make sure that you not only get the cut you want but also help you make a statement. We pride ourselves on having professional barbers to handle all of your needs.


It is the sole intention of all who choose to represent MK Barber Shop to provide a service of excellence taking into consideration every customer need.

We are very well acquainted with the fact that first impression of the person is a personality that’s why we are talented and highly experienced in shaping your looks and making it a glamour’s one.

Our aim is to shape your personality that people adore.

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